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What we do

With our mobile shot blasting set-up, we can shot blast the parts you can't transport

We know that it's not practical or possible to move large structures from your site to ours. Therefore we're always ready to implement our state of the art mobile shot blasting unit, providing media blasting and painting services to any internal or external site. We can also apply specialist coating applications and treatments to your structures and components to add a protective and great-looking finish.

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The benefits of blast cleaning

Want to make your metal part look brand new again?

Blast cleaning using abrasive material is a cost-effective method of doing this because it effectively cleans surfaces better and faster than other techniques. Because we use high-quality blast media like steel shot, It is also effective at removing rust on metal surfaces and preparing surfaces for further coating applications.

Efficiently cleans surfaces
Removes rust
Prepares Parts for coatings
Makes parts look brand new
Achieving the best for you

We use different media to achieve the finish that you require

  • Ali oxide
  • Steel shot
  • Steel grit
  • Glass bead
  • Plastic media
  • Garnet