Domestic shot blasting

Shot blasting in a domestic environment is very popular and there are a range of useful common applications.

Outdoor Improvements

Shot blasting to clean patios, driveways, brick or stone walls, water features, decking, front gates and roof tiles are all popular and, after a treatment, there will be a real and noticeable difference for your neighbours to admire and comment on!

Hobbies and Activities

The most popular use of shot blasting for domestic leisure users is when completing car restorations. Many much-loved classic, vintage or racing cars have benefitted from shot blasting treatments, both inside the car and out.

Grafitti and Vandalism

If, as a homeowner, you are unfortunate enough to experience anti-social behaviour and you find yourself with either graffiti or other unwanted tagging and/or paint, then shot blasting is an excellent, cost-effective way to remove these troublesome markers.