Quality Shot Blasting Services in Nottingham

Blast cleaning and repairing metal parts for further processing throughout the East Midlands, including Chesterfield, Worksop and Mansfield.
What can be shot blasted?

We are able to shot blast any part made of metal, no matter its size or shape

Here is a list of the most commonly shot-blasted objects, but if you think your part needs shot blasting and it's not listed here feel free to give us a call to discuss how we can help you. We're shot blasting contractors with years of experience, call us today to get a quote.

The benefits of blast cleaning

Want to make your metal part look brand new again?

Blast cleaning using abrasive material is a cost-effective method of doing this because it effectively cleans surfaces better and faster than other techniques. Because we use high-quality blast media like steel shot, It is also effective at removing rust on metal surfaces and preparing surfaces for further coating applications.

Efficiently cleans surfaces
Removes rust
Prepares Parts for coatings
Makes parts look brand new
Our services

We offer both on-site and off-site shot blasting services, so whatever your requirements, we are the best fit for you!

Need a shot blasting service you can trust? We offer off-site blast cleaning for parts of all sizes.

Bring your part to us

Shot Blasting Services UK offer a shot blasting service from the smallest part up-to parts of 30 ton, on our 2-acre site we have the space to accommodate any size, shape and weight that you require.

Got a part that needs blasting but you can't transport it? No problem, we have mobile blasting equipment.

We'll come to you

Shot Peening Services UK are fully able to conduct off-site shot blasting Shot Blasting, surface prep and coating off-site with our state of the art blasting and coating set up.

Shot blasting is eco-friendly

Shot blasting eliminates the use of non-eco-friendly and harsh chemicals

Once a surface has been shot-blasted it is free from chemical deposits, scales and dust content. Not only does this benefit you but it also benefits the environment as no harsh chemicals are used that could harm the environment. Blast cleaning your metal parts restores them to their original state and makes them look new, this is a much better option for the environment than throwing them away and buying a new one.