Commercial shot blasting

Shot blasting applications are wide ranging and far-reaching, with useful and cost-effective applications across almost all industries and sectors.

Plant and Machinery

Adding value and longevity to plant and machinery is essential in today’s competitive marketplace. The versatility of shot blasting means that the process can be applied to an extraordinarily wide range of equipment and machinery, and it's also cost-effective.

Roads and Roofs

From high end, commercial paving, to a simple concrete car park, shot blasting is an application that works well across all surfaces. Shot blasting is also suitable for roofs, improving roof tiles effectively and quickly.

Vehicles and Vessels

Automotive shot blasting is one of the most well-known commercial applications for shot blasting. All company vehicles, like lorries and vans, are of course included in this bracket, however, vessels of all kinds are too. Plus, trains can benefit from shot blasting too.

Brickwork and Stonework

From standard brick buildings to more exclusive stone masonry, shot blasting is a simple, effective process that should be considered as part of any planned maintenance. Flexible and budget-friendly shot blasting for stone and brick is an incredibly common application for this technique.

Steel and Metalwork

The options for shot blasting steel and metalwork are endless. It might be handrails, pipes, components or entire structures, whatever the item, shot blasting is a process worth investigating and investing in.

Structures and Pipelines

Whether it’s bridges, railway tracks, canal or river lock gates or pipelines, shot blasting can be a big benefit to these significant structures. Need to know more? We’d be happy to discuss your options, just give us a call on 01623 614 792.